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Healing of the collective masculine and feminine energy

Here are some thoughts of me about the beauty and the pain around masculine and feminine sexual energy, inspired by Hieros Gamos festival. I feel an eager to write this down and share my feelings and insights with you, where I hope I can contribute to the collective healing concerning this topic.

Hieros Gamos, a festival with the intention to meet the other in his or her purest form. To meet each other as the gods and goddesses we all are. To meet the other in absolute honesty about our clearest and deepest desires and fears, without bullshit. To meet the other from your own beautiful shining, loving and purest self and greet the other in his or her purest loving and shining self. To meet life itself in the eyes of the other and experience the orgasmic, loving, lustful and playful energy in the highest possible form of intimacy with life itself.

For me these words resonate with my deepest longings, I feel the life in me waking up, smiling and knowing that -for me- this is the highest possible goal in life. But they also wake up my deepest anxieties, pain and fears. And with that I can hear and feel the thrilling noise, shouting, pain and panic in the collective karmic energy field which is been caused by all violence, suppression, ignorance and misconceptions of humankind’s past concerning this topic. There is so much pain and disbalance in the field of masculine and feminine sexuality, that even with the purest and clearest intentions disasters can easily occur, quickly fed and accelerated by the enormous collective pain in the karmic field. The #Metoo movement clearly supports the truth of this statement. It makes the immense pain almost palpable.

Where I see the pure masculine and feminine sexual energy as a perfectly sharp and clear line, on which the wonder of meeting the opposite occurs, I also see the noise in and around this line, which is very easily disturbed by even the slightest deviation of purity. A slight misunderstanding quickly results in a lot of pain and awakens all the collective noise inside our individual self. Within a split second we are ready to distrust, hate, fight and are we withdrawn from our own purity, love and strength. Hereby misinterpretation of the others’ intentions occurs very easily. (Not saying that all intentions form the other side are pure!)

Hand in hand with all the noise and pain there is the immense desire to heal this pain and to meet each other in our most loving and purest form. As individuals and as a collective we all want to live a life in peace and a loving relationship with nature and with our neighbours. We all deeply want to celebrate life and enjoy all it’s fruitful wealth. We want to smile and be tender with ourselves and our dearest lovers, friends, family and humankind. This I truly believe.

So with this said, how do we heal this individual and karmic pain? The answer I got, is to be silent. Let us first be silent and feel our own deepest desires and pain, before we encounter the other. Feel the vulnerability of this subject in ourselves. Feel how careful this has to be treated. Every action, word and opinion easely contributes to the karmic noise and thereby makes thing only worse. So let there first be a field of silence, so the noise gets a chance to be evened out. Let us just look at each other and feel each other, don’t do anything else. And then, when we feel a silent balance in ourselves, then we can connect with the other in a very gentle and slow way of communication. We have to be absolutely honest and clear about our desires and fears, our yes’s and our no’s. We have to listen to each other with open hearts. We have to remind ourselves of the beauty of the person in front of us and realise our own beauty at the same time. In the silence between us the whole story will be told.

Only from this point of silence we can truly meet the other and let life unfold the relationship like how it is intended to be unfolded. Then we can meet in a heavenly paradise as the gods and goddesses we all are.

Let there be silence

Let there be light

Let there be love

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